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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A limping and moaning zombie

Woe is me, woe is me... I thought yesterdays kettlebell workout was lacking some sort of zing, and now I know why. Woke up today feeling like a half eaten, slime stuffed zombie (get the picture?). And not one of those fast running, growling zombies from the more recent horror movies, no Sir; a slow, limping, moaning one and I even think I was in black and white.... And then I got worse.

So, since I am feeling sorry for myself and not motivated for anything but sleep, I decided to post this strange short story (or long poem) I wrote awhile back.

I will not say hello. For you have been unconsciously expecting me. I have flown into your core to tell you. Feel me caress your spine. It is me. This is your last chance. Travel through your wisdom. Listen to me very carefully now. As sensitive and pure as it has always been told, that is how I will tell you. Absorb my every word as if they were your destruction. Feel my presence. Enjoy the pain of what is you;

I am what you want. I am what you need most desperately. The problem is that you do not know this yet. Your mind is shadowing someone else right now. You have wrapped your whole being around that body. That fantasy. The fantasy of what you think you want. Find me! Yes, this is very disturbing and very inconvenient. I do realize that. Your mind feels like a storage room for something nuclear. How does one settle? Where are you going? What do I destroy?

Love? No no no… You are getting it all wrong. This has nothing to do with love. Such a petty and ridiculous emotion. Damaging your heart for a mortal soul. Foolish. You should have something better to do than that. Lust? That’s more like it. Your speed is admirable. As a silky white moon surrounded by the dark and heavy sky, you seek serenity. I will not give you that! Ouch. What’s the difference? Come to me and you will see. I can show you theses things my dear…

Ah, your shadow around the other is fading. Pleasure? Why should I pleasure you? You are so naive to think such things. Distance us through closeness, such stupidity! Pulsating and throbbing. Shivering and death. A passage through the solutions. Lovely. But you will fall onto your knees in sheer pain. Now remove yourself from that other. Come with me, totally. Do not linger! Do not show me your pain. I have no patience for such things. Why are you crying my dear? Fantasy is such a terrible waist of time. You should know better by now. See, your shadow belongs to me again. We might succeed. Or not.

Sorrow is such a disgusting emotion. It is driven by fear and regret. I must teach you. Why such resistance? Can you not handle this reality? Too many questions. You are so weak. Go ahead! Stagger around wimpling and whining. Is that your choice? For without what I am you will slowly disintegrate. You are nothing! I pity you. There, there, calm down my dear. You have not failed. I will not torture you with more riddles my friend. You accept me? That will just not do! You need to keep me! I must have all of you!

I sense that your attraction for me is growing with your every breath. Show me courage! Break the path! Take me! For I am yours now. Do you not understand? Analyze your mind. What I just told you is only the beginning. Pay attention! I will now give you the answer to what I am:
I am your story.
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And thank you so much to Agy from Agy talks for giving me another sunshine award!!! Unfortunately I don't follow more then like 15 blogs so it will be hard to spread the love more then I did with the last award. This is serious guys, it means that I must suffer from a bad case of blog reading deficiency; I need to find more cool blogs. So the mission begins...


lovelyviolet5 said...

Thank you so much for your comment and congrats to you too!!!

Annika said...

yay, we both rock!

Tigerlilly said...

Love, love, love your blog! Glad you found me!!

Johana Hill said...

Love your poems!

"I will not say hello. For you have been unconsciously expecting me." I'll use that one day... ;p

And congrats!

Annika said...

Gracias chicas!!
Tigerlilly - Im happy I found you too!
And Johana, you are welcome to quote me any time, haha!