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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cocktails & Dreams

I love to dream.

Ever since I was little I would imagine myself living in whatever dream world I wanted to picture at the time. I would pass hours making up whole new worlds with fantastical people and I would always be the star! That was one of my teenage fantasies, to be a rock star. Like many teenagers before I would close my bedroom door, put on my favorite music and pretend that I had the limelight for the whole CD (or cassette, yes I am old) the world was mine and everyone adored me!
Singer Performing in Fromt of Excited Crowd

Wonder why we stop doing this imagination thingy? Or do we really stop pretending? Maybe we just keep it secret since "God forbid if someone found out I had a passionate dream about something!" The limelight thing continued into my young adult years but then my dream became more realistic, I dreamed of being a wicked bartender. No kidding, I think it was after I saw the movie 'Cocktail' for the first time. I used to pretend I was behind a bar on some tropical island, all eyes on me. I was the female Tom Cruise, I was the entertainment - and men would just flock around me! And guess what, it actually came true!

We might stop because it seems silly, or a waste of time. Think that is why I have always loved to write, to escape in the story, to become someone else for awhile. I can create whatever I want, there are no rules for me to follow and nothing, not a thing, is silly at all. Or we transform our dreams into something limited and obtainable due to fear. That is also why I love to read. When reading I get a glimpse of other aspects of life, far from mine. I get to see what is beyond my path, something beyond what my present imagination can create. Maybe we all need to read more to open our adult minds so they are able to picture the possibilities out there? Basically, literature gives us life alternatives.

What I am saying is that imagination and dreaming gives us a world of knowledge on the possibilities that are out there, they are limitless even though we are adults! The whole world is yours. Yeah, really.


Secretia said...

Unlimited fantasy and dreams, that's always there for us, even if we have no money.


Michelle said...

It is great to imagine!

Diana said...

Nice post!
I too remember singing into a fake microphone during the '70s to some sappy ass songs, but I was totally rocking 'em!!!

Annika said...

Yeah like Secretia said; its free too! Oh I love me some free fun!