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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My humble servant

Antique Rotary Telephone

"Ring, ring!" (yes that is how my phone sounds)
"Hello?" (I always answer the phone with hello as a question)
"This is an automatic service of the health center reminding you about your appointment" (The robot receptionist was sounding a little stressed)

Robot receptionist using speaker phone

"Press one for confirmation" (sure I'll do that)
"Your time is now confirmed" (Robot receptionist sounded extremely relived!)
"Thank you for letting us serve you, have a great day!"

Before I could even hang up the phone I started to laugh my ass off; THANK YOU FOR LETTING US SERVE YOU?! I have never heard that before in my life, someone thanking me for them serving me!
Shit, honey I will LET you serve me anytime you want if that is what makes you happy!

Thank you candy heart


Johana Hill said...

Imagine if anything you want can be taken care of by a robotic receptionist! Ha! Awesome... ;p

lovelyviolet5 said...

Thats soo funny!!!I need to be served and thanked tooo!!!!Never heard that before!!!Let them thank you for that doll!!!

Annika said...

I know that was just so surprising!
I should have asked for more, huh?! Haha!

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

Too funny! Love the way your illustrated this post!

((hugs)) Nicole

OfficeGirl said...

Hilarious! Great post! I wish I had a robotic lady to answer the phone at work so I could blog all day.