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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Waffle Day!

I know every country has special days like woman's day and fathers day and such. But today is one day dedicated to something more important than all that in Sweden. It is of such importance, today is WAFFLE DAY!!! A whole day dedicated to waffles! How can you not love Sweden for that?

How do they serve waffles where you live? In Sweden the traditional toppings are whipped cream and cloud-berry preserves (above). Here in Spain (the famous Feria Gofres needs a whole separate post to do them justice) you can find them covered in chocolate or buy them fresh with cream or caramel- chocolate- strawberry sauce or all of the above! (below)

So in honor of all important waffle day hubby and I had waffles for dinner!
"I love being a grown up" my hot husband said when he came home from work and saw me in kitchen begging the waffle iron to heat faster (I have no patients especially when i comes to waiting for yummyness). We set the table with all the toppings we could find in the cupboards;

My carefully selected toppings were whipped cream, blackberries, chopped nuts and honey and yes, it was delicious!

One day I will try and make some savory waffles like these pictured below with a wild mushroom cheesy sauce. Or maybe some crispy waffles with caviar or smoked salmon, sour cream and avocado... That sounds like an Easter entrée to me!

Now go make some waffles people!


Nikosmommy said...

Wow! Waffles are whole family adores them! Sweden knows where it's at...dedicating a whole day to them is fantastic!!!
Those savory waffles look awesome too!
I always bug my hubby and call them
"vaf-flez" (how they pronounce waffles with a thick Greek accent!)

~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

My favorite waffles are des gaufres sold by street vendors in Paris, slathered with Nutella and topped with whipped cream. Mmmmmmm.

Yours look de-lish! Enjoy :))

Diana said...

I'm not a waffle fan, but damn put some chocolate over them and they sure look worth trying!!
Sweden.....famous for more than just ABBA, who would have thought!! LOL

Annika said...

Ela! I have never had waffles when I lived in Greece, they did have the most amazing crepe stand where I lived though!

Nutella waffles in Paris... Sounds like a dream!!!

Haha, damn right Diana, and don't forget about the meatballs!

OfficeGirl said...

Dammit! Now Im hungry. I'm sitting at my desk at work with an urge to go to IHOP. I don't think people remember to eat waffles enough around here. I mean, my kids eat them, but that's about it. I really should have waffles more. Especially since I love butter and syrup...and sausages. Sausages go good with waffles!!

Johana Hill said...

I'm famished and then I read your post! What to do now? I had lunch three hours ago but now looking at those Waffles I want me some. Like right now! :(

Annika said...

Oooopsy, sorry guys! Hope your hunger got satisfied!

Shmonae said...

Come Play!