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Sunday, March 21, 2010

You will be needing protective gear

Road sign in Hawaii

Or... WARNING! Dizzy random post ahead, wear hard hat or some sort of protection gear!

Is it just me or is anyone else feeling a bit uninspired lately? Hopefully its just me, would hate for a world full of rambling, stumbling, mumbling and uninspired people! But maybe uninspired is the wrong word, I might be overly inspired... Seems like I cant focus on one thing and stick too it. My mind automatically drifts to the next project without complete the last. Isn't that sort of the definition for an attention deficit disorder?

But like the militant optimist I am I just try and make the best of this inner dizziness. I am trying many new things and my ideas are all racing around! For example, like these past three nights I have not been able to sleep well since I keep dreaming of book ideas, but as soon as I wake to jot down the fantastic ideas they evaporate from my mind like steam from a kettle... I am just all over the place not really knowing what I am doing, but you know what? That is perfectly OK with me, at least my brain isn't bored!

Thinkstock Single Image Set

This weekend was perfectly uneventful as planned. Filled with studies, next week is the mid semester exam so it'll be filled with studies too, yay...
BUT! I did get to be girly today and go shopping! I do not think that you probably care what I got but I am on a shopping high, so don't care and will tell you anyway, humpfh!

- Two books (The Car by Gary Paulsen and Tiger Moon by Antonia Michaelis, VERY excited to read both! Not a big book buyer, like libraries, but it had been a long time since last and I need inspiration for my writing!)

- Black high heels (really basic but sooo comfy and my legs look awesome, hey needed new shoes for the dresses right?)
- Running shorts (really cute turquoise ones, I used to wear my hubby's old ones so needed these)
- And last a Nike+ thingy!!! (Husband got this one for me and I am in looove! Never ever owned a running measuring thingamabob, yes that is a technological term, it lets you know distance, time, calories burnt, pace and its gorgeous. Seriously need to baptize it.)

But also this weekend I received yet another award, whoohoo!
It is "I love your blog award". That must just be the most straightforward award I have gotten so far; "Yeah, don't be ashamed, just say it load and proud; I LOVE YOUR BLOG"! I received it from Irene at Lovely Violet and I LOVE HER BLOG too!

I would like to pass it on to these party people because of their plain awesomeness:
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Sleep time for me, but you know I will just be lying and waiting for that magic book to pop back into my head again!
Oh and maybe tomorrow I will be organized... Yeah whatever!


Nicole Ducleroir said...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend -- I did too! Thanks for the most awesome blogger award. I LOVE IT! You made my day :))

Have a fab week!

Johana Hill said...

It happens to me too! So many ideas trot my head while I'm lying down, waiting for sleep to overpower my senses and then pouf!

Congrats on the award! ;p

Diana said...

I get so many ideas from the music I listen to (stuck in the '70's) and then the next song comes on and poof-gone just like it came!
I know this feeling of unorganized you speak of these days.
I can't wait to get this RKC under my belt-the pressure is starting to build.

Juliana said...

Thank you honey! I also feel that way a little bit. I did that week of giveaways last week and had all these blogs in my head and now have lost them. I need to hop to it!

Annika said...

You are welcome my beauties!
So it seems that I am not abnormal in being a bit dizzy! Is that a comfort? If no one knows what they are doing? Haha! I love chaos!

.....InStyle.... said...

beautiful blog!