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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ask, and Ye Shall Receive / Ye Have Not, Because Ye Ask Not

All my hard work this week, slaving with my midterm exam, was rewarded with the whole weekend off! Friday, when I realized I had finished the exam two day before the due date (yes I am a genius), I knew this weekend would be special!

But first I have to tell you what happened to me on Friday morning. Thursday night, after reading a bit in my book (The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy) and then reading some of the inspiring writing blogs I follow I felt a huge need. For awhile now I have been wanting to start writing again, I could feel I was so ripe for the process. My problem was, all my story ideas were super sucky! Before I went to bed Thursday I wrote this down in my little red notebook;

I want to write SO badly! I just do not know about what!
HELP, I need a story to fall in love with!

And can you guess it? Friday morning I woke an hour before I was supposed too and for no particular reason, with this image in my head from the dream I was having. The image was so powerful that I just had to write it down. And when I started to write, practically the whole story came flowing out of me! It was like magic! Seriously, this story is GOOD, it is like REALLY really good!
Just thought it was the most miraculous thing, I guess it is true what they say; Ask and you shall receive!

Here is a taste of what I did this weekend; I am truly blessed!
Friday night the husband and I went to El Gato which is "our" little bodega for a glass of sherry before heading to Shanghai restaurant for some delicious food (really recommend the curry egg roll and the blueberry duck!) and some hot Saki!

Saturday was a lazy romantic day but we did do our big monthly grocery shopping! Is that strange to only do it once a month? Just like to get it out of the way... But we did cook up a real treat for dinner that evening; home made pizza baked on the BBQ! This is a MUST try for any creative grillers out there. This was ridiculously good! And finished of the night with one of my favorite romantic movies ever "Only you".

And today was.... wait for it.... The first beach day of the year!!! It is Seriously gorgeous and warm here in south Spain now. Still too cold in the Atlantic but perfect for laying on the soft sand soaking up the rays, book in one hand and husbands hand in the other! My legs wont be pale for long! Husband and I had been spring cleaning our place all morning so it was definitely well deserved!

Hope you made your weekend absolutely legendary!


Diana said...

That pizza looks awesome!
Nice job on the writing stuff. I'd love to be creative at writing, just don't have it! Good luck!

Nice to be on the beach-weather here is going to hit 70's this week!!! Yeah!!! That totally means KB's outside!!!

Nikosmommy said...

Gahhhh sounds like a fabulous weekend. Great food, a great man, time in the sun!!! You deserve it!!!

Meika said...

Ahh, I LOVE it when the story flows out of me like that! I'm happy for you! And envious of your weekend! Sounds like it was perfect.

Annika said...

Diana, that pizza was gorgeous! And you know what? I have never done kettlebells outside but I do think that is the reason God created the beach!

Thank you so much Nikosmommy!!!

Meika, it was perfect since I thought I would be stuck inside studying all weekend! Yeah, its the first time I get a good intricate story like that, I was amazed!

Iva said...

OMG that looks so amazing!!