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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mr. T and sushi

Uh uh, no way, I am SO not going to post anything tonight...
But then I see loads of lovely comments and I just cannot resist!

Not that I have anything to say. My life is boring, not like my other blogger friends lives, they always have something to write about... Yes I might have caught blog envy or something.

Ouch! Just writing that I got a pang of guilt! What am I on about? My life is utterly shinny and brilliant. I seriously need to shut up sometime!

As my gorgeous followers know I am under some STRESS this week, that is all. It will pass and I will rock on. The End!

Found out on facebook today that my old class of 95' is having a reunion... I dig reunions, love to see what people been up to, if they have gotten fat, or bald or sad or rich or happier or worse; they are just the same... Since I live in Spain and the reunion is in Sweden I'll just have to beg for photos! I went to the reunion 5 years ago and was fat as hell and the first to be divorced in the class... I liked being the first though, it's the rock star rebel in me... Had a real blast that night though!

Enough rambling and on to some important news! I got another award! From the mysterious vixen Johana at The Mercurial Wife, her blog is a real jewel and she thinks I am awesome, so there!

I would like to pass it on too...
Erin at The Houndstooth Apron cos' she's wicked smart!

And actually that is all I have time to do for now!!! Aaah, do you think the blog world will survive? Or maybe it's just that more special for one person to get an award at a time?! (Or am I just lazy?)

Hmmm.. now I am craving sushi...

elevated view of a platter of assorted sushi rolls served with condiments


Diana said...

You "definitely" have to go to that reunion.....then you can get Angetha's son's to talk to his Mom to send me (America's biggest ABBA fan!) a photo or something. lol
It is so nice to hear from someone who lives outside the USA-its a nice breath of fresh air!
I miss my FB-I will be back. I have to put the RKC first-that's my priority!

Johana Hill said...

You deserve more awards! ;p

And your life is not boring. I like reading your blog. Keep up the good work. *hugs*

Michelle said...

haha funny
Congrats on the award
and now I'm craving sushi!

Abigail Carter said...

Congratulations on the award! And like Joanna, I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog

Alee said...

Yummm, sushi!

Annika said...

Abigale and Johana, thanks my dears, I was just floating on my little cloud of self pity, ha!

Alee and Michelle, hope you got some good sushi places where you guys live! Think we have two around here, so if I am still craving sushi an Friday I might just have to go hunt one of them down!

Diana, unfortunately it my middle school (I think you call it) that has the reunion and not my high school... Sorry hun'!

Nikosmommy said...

COngrats on the award! I too graduated in '95 (highschool). At my 10 year reunion I was TOTALLY fat, had just had my first baby! Oooh the timing was terrible..I really hope they have a 20 year reunion and I can show up thin, and fabulous!!

Annika said...

yeah, I wish I could too! (Damn it that I am so much hotter then I used to be!)

passport in my pocket said...

we had an "11-year" reunion last fall and it was a blast! and I love that movie too... hilarious lines in it.