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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let us go dancing with the devil

Have you guys packed yet?
Don't forget the broom, black cat and kettle.
Should we all meet at sundown and fly together? The devil will be waiting at Blue Hill! You can ride on my broom, I am sure that is better for the environment...

OK, no I have not gone insane (not more then usual). We have another unique tradition in Sweden that I want to tell you about. Tomorrow it is Skartorsdag in Sweden. All the little girls dress up as Easter witches and boys as, well, boy witches (or my brother used to dress up as an Easter bunny, because that is how wicked cool he is!).

It is like Sweden's Halloween but everyone has the same costume! And not the pointy hat scary witch but the cute, old lady kinda witch. The mini witches go door to door for treats or a coin, but unlike trick-or-treating they always leave a little handmade Easter card, letter or craft. I used to love it!

A long long time ago people believed that witches were especially active and their black magic especially powerful during this Easter week. And on the Thursday they were thought to fly off on brooms, or stolen cattle, to dance with the devil at a place called blÄkulla (Blue Hill) until Saturday. I love that this tradition actually still exists in Sweden!
Hmmm... I wonder what the Spanish folk would think if I dressed up as a Easter witch tomorrow...?


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

This is a wonderful and informative post, Annika! Thanks for sharing this fascinating Swedish tradition. I say, dress up like an Easter witch! The Spaniards will love it. How fun!!!

Johana Hill said...

I'd like to know more about the Swedish culture. It's very interesting and sounds exciting! What are you doing in Spain?

Go be a witch! ;p

Alee said...

Wow, what a fun celebration! Thanks for sharing

Annika said...

Thanks! I do love me some strange traditions!
I am in Spain because I am married to an American Navy dude who is stationed here, we met in Greece... Yeah I am confused too!

Erin said...

You learn something new every day! Yet another reason I love Swedes ;)