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Monday, March 8, 2010

A preacher and a terminator

Elvis Presley Impersonator Preaching by a Microphone in a Church

Now I don't want to be labeled as Annika the 'loco' preaching blogger, but just need to add some thought on the 3D mantra I posted about yesterday.
I overheard this conversation today between two women;

"I don't know if I will keep this personal trainer I have been working with... Just don't seem to be loosing weight, and my back hurts... Oh and my knee has started to hurt too..."
The other woman wearing pink sighed and turned took a sip of her coffee and asked;
"So you are telling me you are giving up?"
"Yeah", the woman in yellow looked pretty fed up but the woman in pink shook her head.
"So you are telling me that your personal trainer told you to eat that donut for breakfast?"
"No, but.."
"And you are telling me that your sore muscles in you back is causing you to sit on the couch eating potato chips?" Before the yellow woman could come with an excuse the pink woman continued,
"And I bet that your aching knee is the reason why you don't ever go walking with me on the lunch break? So please stop with the excuses already!" The yellow woman turned her sour grimace away from the pink woman's concerned gazing.

Man and woman sitting in restaurant

WOW. That woman in pink WAS a real friend and wouldn't let her friend BS herself anymore. This society today is a society full of enablers, people letting people feel sorry for themselves, because who likes someone feeling bad? We are kind if we are comforting, but no, that is wrong. Being a woman who once lived four years with a crack head (yet another post topic one day), I know how easy it is to enable. It makes life easier for you when you take the enabler way.
Some people who have heard about my Determination, Dedication and Discipline mantra think that it sounds a little bit too hard core and militant. That is the very reason it worked! No more pussy footing around, that was exactly what I needed to get responsible and my ass in gear at that time. I had been living in a world of chaos and needed some solid structure.

The world needs more people like the woman in pink, it might have seemed a bit harsh, and maybe it was, but sometimes I wish I could be more ballsy like that and I bet her friend got the message this time!
Time to call the terminator on the preaching? I think so, just sometimes people need a good healthy kick in the ass!

The Terminator - Formula 1 World Championship Formula 1 Grand Prix, Spain, Saturday


Brandi said...

There are too many enablers out there but I am lucky to say I have my own "woman in pink". My sister and marathon partner. She tells it like it is. Loved today's post!

Diana said...

Yeehawwwwwww! You go girl! I can see "why" you are a kettlebeller! You've got the attitude!
AMEN, AMEN, AMEN on all accounts. This world is way to easy on people. I see it first hand working in health care. We make beds bigger, we make toilets more sturdy so our fat a$$es don't break them, etc....what we really need to do is say-NO, stop eating. I could so go on and on and on over this and I have on a few blog postings in my past!
Swing on sister!

Annika said...

Brandi - you are lucky then! My best friend used to be mine, every time I would mope about "aw poor me I am so fat" she would just say; Change it then, do something about it! Everyone else would be like "No Annika, you are not fat..." BS! Unfortunately my best friend lives in Finland now :(

Diana - for some reason I knew you would like this post! Haha! This world is definitely becoming ridiculous, we are changing hospitals so fat people don't have to change? Wow, crazy shit!

Anonymous said...

Du är grym baby!!

Annika said...

Tack alskling!

Secretia said...

I agree, but it is hard to hit people with the truth every time, you lose friends like that sometimes.


Annika said...

Yeah Secretia, I agree with you too. I guess you have to choose your battles wisely and not just blurt out honesty. One has to have tactic!