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Monday, February 1, 2010


Due to once a month hormonal reasons I am not writing today, believe me, it is for the best.
So instead, here comes some flash fiction I wrote for my creative writing class last semester. Suits my grumpy mood. Enjoy!
(The photo is the spookiest I had, from Aracena in Huelva)

Here is to the future...

It was soon the beginning of a new year and the time was ripe for a new start, time for Shannon’s life to become whatever she wanted it to be. And there was only one way that this would happen, she had to kill her best friend. She had thought about this for a few months now and that was the only decision that made any sense whatsoever. Everything, after all, was Erica’s fault, Shannon’s whole fucked-up life was her fault. Erica was always bossing her around and giving Shannon false promises that one day she would actually be there for her, but obviously this was a one way street. It was driving Shannon nuts and all she could feel was hate and anger and she just couldn’t stand it anymore.

On the eve of the new year Shannon had convinced Erica, after a lot of begging and making it seem like she was doing her this huge favor, to come with her on a brisk walk through the woods. It would be refreshing after the big feast Shannon had prepared and that Erica had greedily wolfed down without a single word of thanks. The winning argument was that they would feel less bloated at the party they were going to later and Shannon knew that a sexy start of the new year was very important for Erica.

“Oh my god I’m going to get so hammered later, 2010 is going to start with a massive hang over that’s one thing that I know for sure!” Erica said looking pleased with her plan for the night. “I’m already feeling totally woozy form that champagne we had with dinner.”

“Yeah I think you managed to drink the whole bottle yourself”

“Well how could I not? The food you cooked was so damn salty,” she said and laughed. An instant rush of rage and pain filled Shannon. It was always like this, she could not please Erica, it didn’t matter how hard she tried.

As they stumbled through the woods the pain and anger inside Shannon was replaced by a sneer on her face and butterflies of anticipation in her stomach. It was nearly time, the drugs she had put into the champagne seemed to be already working their magic. This was going to be the best year ever.

“Shannon, enough of this damn refreshing walk nonsense, what a stupid idea it was anyway, I need to go home and get ready already.” Erica said stubbornly, stopped abruptly and at once spun around. The sudden turn did not agree with her body and she stumbled to the ground.

“Ouch! Shit I think I twisted my foot!” Erica grimaced from the pain. Shannon pouted her lips and stood there, looking down at Erica with false pity. “Stop staring you damn fool, do something!” Shannon nodded her head and the pout turned into a smile. “Oh my god, I’m not feeling too good, Shannon I think I’m gonna pass out” and that is exactly what Erica did.

Shannon dragged the body of her best friend further into the woods and pushed it so it tumbled down a steep slope. She watched and giggled as Erica’s body would crush into tree stubs and rocks on the way down. Carefully Shannon made her way down the slope, slipping a few times herself. She had been here the day before, digging the grave, and luckily the body landed pretty darn close to it.

“And now just to make sure” she said to herself and pulled up the axe she had stored in the grave. Closing her eyes she swung the axe down a few times feeling it breaking through flesh and bone. Still not looking at the body, since blood always made her feel squeamish, she kicked the messy corpse down into the grave and threw the blood-spattered axe down after it. After covering up the hole she took great pleasure in the sensation of the huge weight that was just lifted from her shoulders, took a deep breath and let out a long sigh. Finally she was free. Shannon hurried up the slope, in urgency now to fully enjoy the New Year’s party. Close to the top she sprinted the last bit but lost her footing, sliding down the slope still with a smile on her face it all of a sudden went dark for Shannon.

She awoke to a sky full of multicolored magical fireworks. Paralyzed, mute and filled with panic she thought about her fresh start. Shannon thought about her new beginning and started to weep, lying there motionless on top of the newly filled grave.

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