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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kenyan wisdom

Olympics Day 15 - Athletics
Hope you didn't get your quote dose satisfied with my last post, since here is another wise on today! "...the essential thing in Nandi society is not simply enduring. It is also always finding a solution." This comes from a the great runner Bernard Lagat talking about life growing up as a Kenyan and in a Nandi tribe with elders.

Why do we, often willingly, suffer in silence. I am not saying that we shall walk up to every single person and vent our hearts out, that would be annoying. But don't be afraid to seek help to better your self or the situation that you are in.
In the book "the monk who sold his Ferrari" the author also writes about how the only one who you should ever feel superior to is your former self. This is something that I am still working on, how to better myself at the expense of not caring what others think. Daring to do what I want and what my heart feels right without looking around the room first for reaction. Anyone recognize this?

But most importantly I see the Lagat quote as is this; start expecting more out of life and yourself. Why go through life just being OK? Why settle when you really can have it all? That is what keeps me going. I don't settle for normal, I truly believe I deserve what I work for and wont accept much less then that. This is not unique for me, anyone can do this as long as one does not quit! And do something to solve the problem instead of wallowing in your troubles.

Hmmm.. This was going to be a post about Portugal (where husband and I are heading for the long carnival/valentines weekend) or the possibility of maybe in the future get a HKC certification for kettlebells... (Where is all this life wisdom and pondering coming from?) Ah well, maybe tomorrow!

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