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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alien abduction

Vinyl Ready Art - Holidays
The weather gods are so kind to us here in southern Spain. They chose to give us one day of warmth and brilliance and then switch it all up so the next day turns into a wet gloomy mess. All of this just so we don't grow tiered of that cheerful brightness, how considerate they are!

The peoples moods here in Andalusia seem to be more weather dependent then anywhere else I have been in the world. They do a total Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde! On a sunny day you see them out socializing and playing with their family, friends and miniature dogs. People wave and smile and laugh. But then the clods come... Poof! They are nowhere to be seen, like they all have been abducted by aliens. This mass abduction is definitely a horrible experience for the poor souls left behind. You walk the streets and see traumatic twisted faces or blank faces staring into infinity. That is if they even bother to lift their hanging heads up. It is as if they have never smiled or laughed before in their lives.

I might be over exaggerating and generalizing just a bit there, but the change is dramatic! For me as a (tough viking) swede I guess it doesn't hit me as hard since I am used to cold and gloom. Walk the streets of Stockholm and you pretty much see those sad twisted faces everyday of the year. Hustling and bustling, running around but heading nowhere. The people of Andalusia are born into the sun, it is a part of their everyday life, it is their culture. The clouds affect them so bad since they are spoiled with brightness most of the time, and I hope they know how lucky they are!

This is probably going to be my last post until Sunday. Got a really nice weekend planned. I am starting Friday out with Swedish "fika" in town and ending it with a Hawaiian themed party on base (I am just so very international!). Come rain or come shine, Amen! I hope you all do too, just watch out for those pesky aliens!
Alien with champagne bottle and glass


Johana Hill said...

I'm following you back just because you were fat before and you are a potential alien abductee! ;p

Thank you for the lovely comment. And you're so lucky to be in Spain! I'm on some sunny island too but I need a break.

Clouds eff us up too here...we can't have everything in life can we now?! Darn the clouds...

Annika said...

Oh Johana, I couldn't have asked for anything more!
Yeah, don't mind the clouds all the time, too much sun drives me rabid anyhow...
And we must have something in our picture perfect lives to makes us feel like mere humans, haha!
Thanks again darlin'!

the eternal list said...

what a fantastic, interesting, and colorful blog!

great stuff


Anonymous said...

Yes you are totally awesome Annika! Love you so much!!

Annika said...

Mimi baby, I love you!!
@The eternal; Thank you soooo much, it means the freakin world to me!

´´Saray´´ said...

Hej! I just saw your blog´s link on the Expat Blogs´ website and of course I had to have a look at it :) Good to read you´re enjoying life in Spain despite the crazy weather of lately :S It´s even colder than in Scotland where I stayed for 8 years.
Saludos de una española que ha regresado a su país (aunque pronto me marcharé de nuevo)

Annika said...

Thanks for visiting Saray! Oh how exciting for you, where will you be going to?
All my best!