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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Até logo!

Portugal! Yes that is where me and the husband are going for four days! Have been there once before and that was not the best experience. We went to Albuferia for a weekend, the town and beaches were amazing... But at night it was swarming with drunken Brits, not so much fun. Oh and I have also been to Madeira with my parents for a week, warmly recommend to spend some of your valuable time on that island!

This time we are going to Lagos which is very close to the most south west of mainland Europe one can come. Haven't had time to research much about the town yet but it has a lot of history (yay!!!) and looks like a place to make memories. The beaches too look fantastic, although it will be too cold (and probably rainy...) to use them to their full capacities.

Since we are staying for so long we plan a day trip to Sagres. that is the most southern point and also where Henry the Navigator was based for most of his adventurous life. The scenery is supposed to be rugged and totally breathtaking! We will also be taking another day trip to Monchique which is a mountain town full of beauty! As you can see, I am very excited!

Also very excited about kettlebell training! Husband and I have now decided that we are to get back into shipshape and do the HKC certification later this year or beginning of the next! I still have a lot to learn so husband is going to have kettlebell class with me everyday till I get it, great stuff! Never thought that I would actually do it but it feels like the thing I need to do.

Will not be back here for another 4-5 days then, Até logo! (see you soon)

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