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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Boasting sweetness with pictures

My life is sweet.
This weekend was sweet.
I like sweet.

Friday I did a kick ass kettlebell workout and then hurried down town to meet Sara for some "fika", but this is Spain so fika turned into tapas instead. It's all good. For you out there who do not know fika, let me tell you about this fabulous Swedish invention. Coffee/tea + cookies/pastries = fika and swedes love it. I have tried to find a sufficient English word for it but there is none. But if you are in Sweden you will hear it a lot "come over for fika one day" or "lets meet at the cafe and have some fika".

But yeah, this is Spain, so you cant find a good fika place here easy. So we went to the Castillio Cafe and sat our pretty behinds down for some much needed girl chatting and gossip. Ah, I do love being a woman. But the tapas were gone too quickly so we continued to Sara's office and popped open a bottle of cava for some more chatting. Ah, I do love Cava and high-styling it with plastic cups. A perfect afternoon.

Then I hurried home to make myself even more gorgeous (how is it possible?) for the chief hail and farewell party on base. Oh man oh man did we have a good time! Around midnight we all got bored of the base and headed into Rota for some serious good time at Paddys, Los Arcos and O'Gradys. Muy perfecto!

Oh and don't you just love Saturdays? Gods best creation I think. Actually didn't do a whole lot (no Sanlucar trip...) but that was just what we wanted. It was our friend Tomas birthday so we met all them for dinner at the homey comfy German restaurant. They serve this white wine that is just adorable (can wine be adorable?). Potatoes, Sauerkraut, bratwurst, ham and pork was served to me and it was tasty as can be! Had a perfect 3 hour dinner with loads of good conversations and company and I think the birthday boy was happy. Me and the husband rounded of the night with some intensely fun hours of dart and loving each other (aaaawwww... yeah we make people sick), a good combo.

And today its... lazy Sunday! We did go on base and we were forced to stop at the Baskin Robins there because a crazy zombie hale storm! Oh no, not baskin robins, anywhere but there!!! Sweet torture it was indeed, I haven't had an ice cream like this in ages. Peanut butter chocolate vanilla caramel ice cream with warm gooey caramel sauce topped with cream and almond sprinkles. I have never felt so sinful in my life (ok, that is a lie). And hey, what is it I do all this kettlebelling and running for if not for moments like these? Seriously, that was the taste of pure joy.

A smidgen of how I rocked the last days of February, hope you did too. Now I am ready and fully charged for March and this upcoming week! Going to be diving head first into my theology books, its gonna be hectic, but I am a rock star, I can deal, *wink*!


Johana Hill said...

You're not boasting but torturing me with all the talk about food! Not to mention the pictures. I'm starving right now and all the supermarkets are closed today. Fast food it is. And I fancy a juicy burger tonight. But I need to wait on my husband to come home first. *pouts*

Have fun girl ;p

acdc080109 said...

Looks like some great food and fun!

Annika said...

Oh me loves the food!
Hope you got some good stuff for dinner Johana!
It was such a nice weekend, but its Monday today and I just realized, I am so not ready for reality!

Johana Hill said...

Hey I got to eat KFC last night for dinner!

And by the way go check my blog. I gave you an award!

Juliana said...

I just found you through Johana-she gave us both awards. I LOVE you blog everything about it is just beautiful and interesting and well--I agree with Johana--yummy too! I am now following you dear!

Pop on by and follow back if you would like. I LOVE meeting new bloggy friends. Juliana from A Blonde Walks Into A Blog