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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Knowledge is a windmill on speed

Wind Turbines Help Supply Oakland's Energy Needs

Rainy and windy day here in Rota. The weather was helpful and I actually had a really productive day inside today! Have finally got some of the books for this semester, so I am playing catch up and pretending to be a super wind powered studying mechanism!

Have one question though, what is up with these people who write the textbooks for university? Do they have something to prove or whatever reason do they have not to use "normal" language in writing? I catch myself all the time after reading a paragraph and then realising I didn't understand what I just read so I have to reread it one (or more) times! So frustrating, forget the academic gibberish and just say it out straight!

Catching up like a windmill on speed though! Although I really only understand half of what I read, I find it very interesting. The first couple books were on feminist and gender based theology, which does not rock my boat. But the one I am working on now focuses more on systematic christian theology that attempts to formulate an orderly and rational account of the Christian faith and beliefs.
The guys at the faculty has us answering the question; what is theology's most important aspect... Easy right...

Time to sleep and dream of the valentine weekend I am planning... Will tell more when its all booked.
Hope the weather clears a bit tomorrow, seriously need a good run!

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