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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

That woman was trying to kill me

Oh, what happened here? The blog has a different look yet again! OK, I promise I wont change it again (for at least a week...). I like this on though, loving the vineyard feel and the vines. I love grapevines. Been wanting a tattoo with some actually...!

Enough about vines! Today was yet again another beautiful day here in Rota. In fact, it was so warm that I think I have to retire my "winter" running outfit! Halfway through the run today I was dripping wet with sweat. That means time to get the shorts and tank tops out again, yay! (Sorry to you all who are stuck in various snowstorms, I might just be rubbing it in a bit too much?) Had great form throughout the run, listening to a brilliant playlist containing a mix with my favorites; The dead weather, Metallica and Marilyn Manson.
Marilyn Manson in Concert at Austin Music Hall

Then I came home and went to do my kettlebell workout. Come to find out my darling husband had accidentally taken my favorite DVD with him to work... This turned out to be a blessing in disguise , I found this Maureen Martone DVD that I forgot I had. Oh my lord, I think that woman was trying to kill me! It was no joke! You all know I totally adored the torture! So now I have to figure out how to work this into my routine...

Other news from south of Spain? Not really, been busy with my studies as always where I am looking closer into modern theologies biggest obstacles. Husband and I are thinking about another Sanlucar trip on Saturday, need to explore that town and their tapas more closely!
Spanish Appetizers
Also thinking that I need to continue writing again, but where do I find time? I needed to take a break with writing after last semesters creative writing class, didn't enjoy getting graded on my creativity so much.

That is it for now, time for me to relax and read some other wicked blogs!


passport in my pocket said...

I really like the new blog look!

Annika said...

Thanks, yup, think this one is a keeper! Have a fab weekend!

Secretia said...

Your blog is delightful, I'm following you!
And thanks for following Secret Story Time too.


Annika said...

Thank you!