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Thursday, February 4, 2010

My big cast iron balls

If anyone is looking for a new way to sweat a lot and build up some of that muscle that is hiding beneath the skin somewhere I recommend kettlebells. Yes those are my 18 and 25 pound babies you see in the picture to the right.

Today I started my new Thursday workout routine (don't run on Tue and Thu) and decided to dedicate it fully to my big cast iron balls! I always do 15 min after running, but love muscle so decided to incorporate more, and its so much fun!

I would never had believed it either, my husband was (is) the god of kettlebell but I never thought that I would get into it. Swinging a heavy cast iron ball around didn't look like a good time too me... But once I found a good workout (started with Lauren Brooks and still love it, cant wait for the new DVD!) I was so hooked. Its like the ultimate core exercise.

I am not going to lie, it is probably one of the hardest work outs you've had in your life and it is easy to get injured if not applying proper technique. But it is so worth it and you will walk around feeling like a total bad ass all day!

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