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Monday, February 22, 2010

Some major construction accompanied by rock and roll

OK, I admit it... I was learning about and experimenting with blog backgrounds and headers when I was supposed to be studying today... Ooops! But I tell ya', that stuff is addicting! You fix one thing and then you want to fix another and then that doesn't look right so you have to re-fix it all over, and so on over and over. I don't even know if I will keep this style, it might be too much for me... We will see how I feel tomorrow.Yep, it is not only my blog page that is getting some remodeling. I have been thinking about priorities lately and trying to figure out what is important (that is a whole different blog post though!). But my health is sure a priority and today I did some serious work on myself I have to say! Or at least, after today's run followed by a kettlebell workout it sure felt like some major construction going on! That is me after the hard core and kick ass workout, my hair was dry when I started! Ah felt great though. The run was perfect and sweaty, proud to say the hills where easier to tackle thanks to kettlebells creating some muscle!
2009 mtvU Woodie Awards - Show
While running I was listening to those talented guys above, 'The dead weather' which is my new favorite band. Really recommend the whole album (do you still call it that? God I am getting old), it feels like it could be the soundtrack to the next Tarantino movie. When you listen to it just picture some bad ass broad (or yourself, I do) and loads of explosions in the background and you will get what I mean. Then the kettlebell workout was accompanied by some classic 'Metallica', I swinged those bells harder then ever before! I sure do love my rock and roll!


Diana said...

My husband absolutely loves Metalica, me on the other hand they make me want to hurt something!
I'll stick to my 70's albums! Oh wait, did I say album??? WE must both be getting old!!

passport in my pocket said...

run + kettleball? I really need to get moving.... :)

Annika said...

Its perfect, after you are done with running you cant wait to do some kettlebells since you already are so pumped! Ah, I just love those endorphins!