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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Looking into the mirror

Severe thunderstorms and heavy rain outside right now, don't think Andalusia's soil can take much more of this rain! Half the beach walk by our house is shutdown after the flippin' cliff collapsed from all the rain... And that was last week. I sure hope the rest of the cliff will hold! And I am supposed to go running in the morning, but do you think some measly rainstorm will stop me? Hmmmm, maybe!

Today after I finished my lovely kettlebell workout I stood looking at myself in the bathroom mirror. Sweaty, panting and my whole body so very tiered I realized that I have become, I am now, the person that I always wanted to be. This person is the person I used to dream about back when I was about 112 pounds heavier. I used to imagine what her life would be like, how it would feel being her. Now I am her!

I walked back into our gym room and lifted one 24 kg kettlebell in each hand and I started walking around. I used to weigh more then that! The experience was just mind blowing.
So there might be no need to say this but after that I have been feeling totally hot and awesome all day! I really should give myself more credit for the things I actually already have accomplished, probably most people need to do that. Some of it is pretty amazing stuff!


passport in my pocket said...

I've heard great things about kettleball work-outs, but I'm a little afraid to try it... congrats on all your exercise efforts! You are inspiring me to get back in gear ;)

Annika said...

Yes try kettlebell! Its not for everyone though, but as soon as I lifted one I knew it was for me. It is just so effective and you will see (no BS) results within 2 days. Recommend to try some workout videos, Lauren Brooks has a great one on amazon.
Thanks for your comment, you really made me smile!

Diana said...

I too knew as soon as my hand slipped onto the handle of a kettlebell that we would be great friends!
They are truly the best things to happen to me!
Next to my family, of course!

Elizabeth Åsa said...

Bebis, you are truly amazing the whole of you, or the little that is left. I also look at some of the photos of you only a few years ago and then look at some of your photos from your wedding... wow, if one can accomplish that one can do anything! Mamma