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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bulls eye of destruction

Darts in bull's-eye of target
This weekend was strange... Hadn't made many plans since it seemed so much was going on and I wanted just to be cool and go with the flow. Come to find out the flow went nowhere unfortunately! I guess I will have to stick to the plan making if something is going to happen, no point sitting around and waiting for the knight in shining armor to come save the day. This princess is fully capable of doing that herself!

Friday I had a nice run, well that is a lie actually. The run was pretty darn crappy, I was just not feeling it, think my body must have been a bit tiered. Kept playing Marilyn Manson's "Beautiful people" over and over to help motivate me, but alas... Stayed in at night and had a dart night with the husband, that was hilarious! Just us, some classic rock and a few beers and we had a blast. Ended up being a tie, and I figured out that the art of darts is all about confidence or if you sing while throwing it is easier to hit the target, no bull!

Saturday was a kinda downer day. Started out awesome with some much needed yoga in the morning. Later we went on base (the American navy base where the husband works) and enjoyed a couple of productive shopping hours at the NEX and commissary. But here is the strange thing, I was in such a silly playful mood all day until the evening and it, without any warning, just went into hiding. I looked everywhere but it was nowhere to be found, and then on top of that I started feeling sick... So the carnival Saturday with my Swedish friend Sara was canceled. Blah. Don't you just HATE the feeling that you are missing out on all the fun?! Ended up having a movie night with the worlds most wonderful husband trying to cheer me up. Bless his humongous heart!

Today was a gorgeous spring day here in Rota, woke up feeling refreshed and much healthier then the night before. Walked around town and beaches taking some photos of the destruction that all this rain has caused. The rock arch (or I guess it was clay) by our house, which is Rotas pride and joy, was gone! The arch had collapsed. It is really sad in a way, like an end of an era or something. And then more cliff damage...

Hard to see in the photos but you might get the picture. On our way back home we took a break and sat quietly looking out over the ocean. The sun was so hot so when I closed my eyes it was easy to picture one of those long lost and wholeheartedly missed summer days. I think I even got a whiff of coconut sunscreen! Ah, not too long now I hope!

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Diana said...

A day of nice warm weather AND bright sunshine would really help things here in the dreaded, locked in midwest USA. The winter shades of grey have got to go!