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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Having it all

I am one of those gals who usually thinks that being alone is wonderful, I enjoy and need my own time and I am not at all scared of being alone.
But let me tell you, friends totally rock. They give me such a sense of accomplishment by just hanging out with them. And after yesterday I feel very accomplished!

Yesterday was one of them Saturdays where my husband and I have nothing really planned out and would be happy just staying home all day. But then something happens, and it usually does when I don't have to do anything, that turns everything into an adventure just because everything I am doing is because i want to do it. Is there any better feeling?

The day started at El Paseo (Puerto de la santa Maria) mall for some shopping and washing the car, one of my favorite stores were having a sale and I end up buying this gorgeous leopard print skirt. Or what I thought was a skirt... When I came home and model it for my husband it turns out that something looks a bit wrong. And, oh what is this? Pockets on the bottom... Turns out the "skirt" is a one piece short and top, very ghetto indeed... So (as you can see in the pic) I cut the bottom part of and turn it into a top... Got many compliments actually, hahaha!

Later on we met up with Sara and six other swedes at Juan's grill for dinner. Wow, is that some good food! The best meat I have had in Spain so far, there are no words to explain it so go out and try it yourself! Order the sausage (also in the pic) or the steak, yummy!

After this mind blowing meal with awesome company, Andre and I met our other friends Rosa and Steven for some bar hopping and pool playing. We end this fabulous night hanging out with Tori in my favorite pub O'Grady's and having deep conversations about religion till three in the morning!

Just feeling very thankful to have that Saturday to look back on whenever I get my rare dose of loneliness or feeling sorry for myself. There are so many experiences and people out there and I just happened upon some of the best. Everything without expectations just rocks so much more.

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