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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Could go on and on like a broken record player stuck on adverbs trying to describe this place which is seemingly made for the postcard factory!

Alrighty then, back in action! Going to try and make this Portugal post as short as possible, could go on and on like a broken record player stuck on adverbs trying to describe this trip!
The weather was bad, I mean really bad, for the four hour drive to Lagos... The rain gods where trying to drown us I think! But I did get to experience a real police road block (with guns and all!) before we got there, I was so excited since I have only ever before seen it in movies! I know, I am a tool!
Anyway the hotel, Marina Rio, was fabulous and the service darn perfect, so that made up for the clouds outside! That is the hotel and view from it you can see below (I know, tiny pics... but cant seem to get the sizing right when copying link from facebook..).The first night we had some horribly good steak at Don Toro Angus steak house and then walked around Lagos old-town checking out the night life. Found several bars that played rock music, so I was pretty much in heaven! Our favorites came to be Stones bar, Zanzi-bar and Eddies. That's the steak and Stones downstairs dart area (where husband kept winning... I used to be the dart pro!)
The next day it was sunny and we had a good sightseeing morning around Lagos, and W.O.W. that place rocks, it has it all, beaches, marina, romantic streets, dramatic cliffs, museums, slave market (don't worry, not in use anymore, but it was Europe's first slave market) and best of all... a statue of Henry the Navigator!!! My close friends and family know what a big part of life he was for me in my history research, yes I am a geek!

Later in the afternoon we headed towards Sagres, it was just crazy cool. Sagres is the most southern western point in mainland Europe and the cliffs, views and scenery is indescribably breathtakingly gorgeous. Not many times I have ever felt such force of nature! It is also where Henry the Navigators school of navigation was based.

That night we enjoyed some amazing Indian food (no mum, not better then yours!) and some more bar hopping, enjoyed the pub Irish rover very much.
Our last full day in Lagos, Valentines day, was spent up in the mountains, went all the way up to the highest point in the Algarve. I really felt like queen of the world up there! Unfortunately the pictures didn't turn out great. In the afternoon we headed to the Dona Ana beach and Ponte piedade. Again WOW, that is a place made for the postcard factory's!

At night we had a romantic dinner at Italiano restaurant and later some ciders at Eddies surfer bar.
On our way back to Spain we stopped at Faros city. We had heard about this chapel made from human bones and HAD TO go check it out! Was like something out of a movie!
So as you can see, I live a blessed life and will definitely return to the Algarve in the summer! It is such a fantastic wondrous place, awesome people, more variety in restaurants and nightlife and hotels are like half the price compared Spain! Enjoying all this with my the love of my life is true magic.

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