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Friday, January 29, 2010

Running wild!

Oh what a fantastic run I had today! You other runners out there know what I am talking about, one of those runs where your mind clears, your breathing is easy. A perfect breeze to cool you but the sun to make it all sparkle!

And no dogs! Yes, I have, like many fellow hikers, runners and bikers, been pestered by this aggressive dog. Rota is really dog crazy too, it is like every citizen of this little town has at least two of them and they prefer the tiny annoying ones... Anyway last week he just did not want to leave me alone, I change my route and there he still was, barking and going insane. But this week has been totally dog free, ah sweet luxury!

The photos show my route (and what I look at everyday from my balcony) running, can not complain right?!
Of course I wake up just about everyday not wanting to go out there, it is just so much easier to be lazy! But I try to fool my mind, just tell it; you only have to go out there and walk, that's all... But once I am out there the spring in my step just comes naturally and I start running! Afterwards I always feel like a rock star.

Today it was not hard to convince myself thou, it is such a pretty spring day and I have been so sad after the news of my grandfather. I knew there would be no better medicine to cheer me up!

Well, have to go prepare tonight's masterpiece dinner; Marinated and then blackened tuna steaks with a fresh barley salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. Yeah, I am a wicked cook...

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