This blog follows no particular theme. My constant craving soul just wont allow it! This is my musings on wisdom, travels, life in Spain, kettlebells, running, rock music and so much more.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Having it all

I am one of those gals who usually thinks that being alone is wonderful, I enjoy and need my own time and I am not at all scared of being alone.
But let me tell you, friends totally rock. They give me such a sense of accomplishment by just hanging out with them. And after yesterday I feel very accomplished!

Yesterday was one of them Saturdays where my husband and I have nothing really planned out and would be happy just staying home all day. But then something happens, and it usually does when I don't have to do anything, that turns everything into an adventure just because everything I am doing is because i want to do it. Is there any better feeling?

The day started at El Paseo (Puerto de la santa Maria) mall for some shopping and washing the car, one of my favorite stores were having a sale and I end up buying this gorgeous leopard print skirt. Or what I thought was a skirt... When I came home and model it for my husband it turns out that something looks a bit wrong. And, oh what is this? Pockets on the bottom... Turns out the "skirt" is a one piece short and top, very ghetto indeed... So (as you can see in the pic) I cut the bottom part of and turn it into a top... Got many compliments actually, hahaha!

Later on we met up with Sara and six other swedes at Juan's grill for dinner. Wow, is that some good food! The best meat I have had in Spain so far, there are no words to explain it so go out and try it yourself! Order the sausage (also in the pic) or the steak, yummy!

After this mind blowing meal with awesome company, Andre and I met our other friends Rosa and Steven for some bar hopping and pool playing. We end this fabulous night hanging out with Tori in my favorite pub O'Grady's and having deep conversations about religion till three in the morning!

Just feeling very thankful to have that Saturday to look back on whenever I get my rare dose of loneliness or feeling sorry for myself. There are so many experiences and people out there and I just happened upon some of the best. Everything without expectations just rocks so much more.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Running wild!

Oh what a fantastic run I had today! You other runners out there know what I am talking about, one of those runs where your mind clears, your breathing is easy. A perfect breeze to cool you but the sun to make it all sparkle!

And no dogs! Yes, I have, like many fellow hikers, runners and bikers, been pestered by this aggressive dog. Rota is really dog crazy too, it is like every citizen of this little town has at least two of them and they prefer the tiny annoying ones... Anyway last week he just did not want to leave me alone, I change my route and there he still was, barking and going insane. But this week has been totally dog free, ah sweet luxury!

The photos show my route (and what I look at everyday from my balcony) running, can not complain right?!
Of course I wake up just about everyday not wanting to go out there, it is just so much easier to be lazy! But I try to fool my mind, just tell it; you only have to go out there and walk, that's all... But once I am out there the spring in my step just comes naturally and I start running! Afterwards I always feel like a rock star.

Today it was not hard to convince myself thou, it is such a pretty spring day and I have been so sad after the news of my grandfather. I knew there would be no better medicine to cheer me up!

Well, have to go prepare tonight's masterpiece dinner; Marinated and then blackened tuna steaks with a fresh barley salad with a raspberry vinaigrette. Yeah, I am a wicked cook...

Thursday, January 28, 2010


My grandfather died today. He is now resting in peace and that gives me comfort.
His death made me think of all the times he made me smile, and the love he gave, sometimes even without knowing it.
Time does not have a price, what we choose to do with it and who we choose to spend it with is of such importance. Give your time to the people you love, that will be your greatest gift.

The second day

Aha! I did it, I created a blog! You might think that this is not a very big deal, but me and computers usually do not work well together! (had the same sense of euphoria when I managed to create a facebook account...)

So I promised an introduction. Most people following my blog will probably know me, but here goes;

I am a Swedish woman living in the south of Spain.

I am a new wife since October last year and my husband is totally awesome.

I have been studying for awhile and now on my last semester before having my bachelors
degree. My
studies are right now in Systematic Theology, Ethics and Philosophy of Religion, but before it was mostly history.
I dream of a lot of things, new places to visit, what my future holds, what I will learn next...
I enjoy writing and reading, basking in the sun and listening to the waves, meting my friends for delicious food and drink, and running and kettlebells make me feel like a badass!

Ah, that is a good start of Annika basics! The photo is of me when I was just a wee lass, before it all started. Will return tonight!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Lets see how this works then...

So, I have decided to start with a blog. I have no idea why, I never even read other peoples blogs. But I guess it is a fun way to get my brilliant thoughts out there to the world, haha.
What I will be writing about is my life here in south Spain, good days bad days, come rain or come sun.
Will write an into later now its time to figure out how this delightful yet a tad scary blog site works!
Puss puss!