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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Insane endorphin photography

Last night a friend and her husband and my husband and I were having a conversation about kettlebells:
"Oh yeah we have some kettleebells over at our work..." My friends husband said when we got to talking about our training.
"Oh no, you do not understand honey!" My friend said to her husband, "These guys are in a whole separate group, its not just weight lifting, its like they are part of a tribe!"
"yeah, you have the ones who do kettlebells on one side and on the other side, the ones who don't" I added jokingly.
"Indeed," My husband said "we belong to the kettlebell tribe". And we high-fived each other like the dorks that we are.

I just loved how my friend looked at "kettlebellers" as a tribe, I have never really thought about it before in that way. We all have something that instantly bonds us, we all understand the crazy addiction to the cannonballs with handles. I wonder, is it the same for other activities? Like marathoners and such? Probably, and I guess the kettlebell folk just have a reputation for being intensely addicted...

Talking about kettlebells, I had the worlds best workout today! I started with a 3 mile run feeling light as a feather and practically smiling during it all. Came home and started with my 16 kg kettlebell, I was feeling so strong and powerful! Am I the only one who takes a photo after a wicked workout?

It is like I try to capture the endorphins on film or something, like it should transcend and shine through the photo and every time I look at it its purpose will be fulfilled by remembering how awesome I felt at that exact moment! Yeah, I am probably not alone. There must be more "insane endorphin photography people" out there... right..?


Johana Hill said...

You're looking great. I'm too lazy to even lift a broom! But I need to lose some serious weight in 2 months and I have no scooby how I'll manage that! Tips please! ;p

Diana said...

Annika this was my absolute favorite post of yours to date!!
A tribe! I love it! It is true though, there is no "in between". Either you swing or you don't! I'm glad/proud to be on the swinging side! I know what you mean about those endorphins-it's awesome and so damn addicting!
I'm like that with biking as well.
Here's the link to my picture after a kick ass kb workout back in 09. I do mine winter style!!

Michelle McLean said...

Well, I must admit I've never lifted a kettleball....but they do look sort fun...might have to try one of these days :D

Alee said...

Nothing beats a great workout!

Annika said...

Thank you darling sweetie Johana! Is there any form of exercise you like? I remember reading about you going swimming? Or try something totally new and try not to look at it as work, this is play time and medicine for my soul!

Yes, I knew you would relate to this one Diana! OMG love your photo but it looks freezing!

Michelle, try it! I never thought that I would get into it, but there you go... Shit surprises us all the time and they just make me feel awesome!

Alee - you are damn right!